AngularJS is hands down one of the most popular front end development platforms. It goes without saying that a product launched by Google is bound to be exceptional in every possible aspect. But angular js is not just about the popularity that it has. It brings a lot of advantages for developers making the front end development process easier and simpler. There is a reason why many companies are looking to hire angularjs developers. 

Why Choose Angular Js ?

In the prevailing business ecosystem, the importance of structural framework is very evident. Even though there are a considerable number of options, what makes angular js the most preferred is a wide range of options in forms of tools and a strong community. Some of the points that deserves to be highlighted include

  • Automatically synchronizing data binding systems.
  • Controller availability to express behavior
  • Easy to code, test, maintain and reuse
  • Form validation for unparalleled user experience
  • Server communication to simplify coding 
  • Scope control in multiple variables

Some of the biggest names like Netflix, YouTube and a lot of other eminent world brands were developed using angularjs. So when it comes to angular js reliability is the last thing that you need to worry about. 

Importance of UI : 

When it comes to building web apps using Angularjs there are two important entities that you need to take into consideration. A developer with deep understanding and ui developer skills of an interface designer. If you are able to find these two resources the entire app development process will be a walk in the park. 

User Interface is a key factor in web development. No matter how efficient your app is, a bad user interface has the potential to ruin everything.  Before actually using the app, and understanding what it is, it is the user interface that helps to strike a chord with the user. There is a reason why angular js is preferred when compared to rest of the frameworks. It is because there are features in angular js which suits the best for rendering unparalleled user interface. 

The majority of the people are operating under the assumption that web developer and ui developer are the same. But the fact is that these two professions demand different kinds of skill sets and they are totally in contrast with each other.  

There are a few skills that an user interface developer must possess. UI has a very important role to play in web development and this is why even when companies hire angularjs developers they expect them to have a minimal knowledge in user interface. 

Some of the important aspects of UI development include

Applying programming mentalities to UI work :

To make it simple, having knowledge about object oriented CSS is important. One will be able to understand the benefits of having less codes and creating simpler code so that it can be reused.  

Direct Code Development Work :

It would be great if a UI developer can come up with his own set of codes. If you can write in HTML you can write code into rail apps or php. Start small and you will gradually get there.

Importance of process :

Spend a lot of time in structuring the process. Understand the fact that there is always room for development. It is important to bridge design and development. 

The best MVC :

In general the frameworks demand the developer to split the app into different components. That is not the case when it comes to angular because it manages the components and connects them automatically even if they are split from each other.

A declarative UI :

When it comes to angular js the UI is defined by HTML. Since HTML is declarative, it is more intuitive and less convoluted. It is less brittle when written in JS, so the possibility of breaking is very less. The added advantage is that with HTML you can bring more UI developers. 

POJO Data Models :

The data models in angular js are plain old javascript. Properties can be added or changed directly and loop over objects at will. The codes are cleaner and intuitive. 

Behavior with directives :

Angular’s way of bringing additional functionality is by directives. To get any functionality in the app this is how it is done. Directive helps the developers to do this by letting us come up with our own HTML elements. It can be separated from the MVC app by putting all the DOM manipulation code. 

Filter Flexibility :

Data is filtered by filters before it reaches the view. It can be a simple thing like formatting the decimal places on a number. The filtration may happen based on various parameters. Hence the filters can be designed according to the requirement. 

Less Code :

One of the important aspects of angular js is that with less code you can design or develop the app that you needed without going through the hassles of typing more code like most of the other frameworks. 


The above mentioned points are all the more enough to get a clear picture of why angular js is very important for web development. It offers a solid foundation for developers to create heavy apps with complex functionalities in a simple manner. 

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