Without question, the user interface plays the most important role when it comes to addressing the user and their needs in their first impression. There have been a lot of constant and consistent developments when it comes to making the UI interactive and immersive. One such paradigms shift is JavaScript. There are different manifestations of JavaScript that have made the process of interacting with websites really cool and fun.

Although there might be many JavaScript frameworks like Angular, Node, React and Vue, Angular has carved a niche for itself when it comes to ease of deployment, availability of libraries, support from the community, and above everything, backing up by technology giants like Google. In this regard, Angular JS has, beyond question, excelled in a lot of aspects making it one of the most preferred platforms for creating single-page applications.

When it comes to libraries, one of the most important aspects of any technology that is used to build a robust user interface is the components that go into creating the UI. Thanks to the open-source nature, there are a lot of UI component libraries when it comes to Angular JS. Let us look at some of the most common UI component libraries.


Ngx-bootstrap stands among the most popular Angular JS UI components libraries. It contains all the bootstrap components powered by Angular JS. It means that you do not have to include the original JavaScript components. You can use the markup and the CSS provided by the bootstrap.

You can expect a lot of default components like a carousal, drop down, date picker, pagination, progress bar, collapse, alerts, and accordion.

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Terradata Covalent

Terradata Covalent is a UI platform that is a grand culmination of design language and a comprehensive web framework. It is built on Angular JS. It can give you the power to jumpstart a modern web app UI and it also makes sure that your app is consistent across all the enterprise products in terms of the UI.

It comes with custom Web components like file upload and expansion panels, more than 750 design icons, style guides for brand standards and above everything, testing tools for unit testing and end to end testing.

Angular Material Design

Angular Material Design is based on Google’s material design. It aims to deliver maximum functionality at a minimum app-coding volume. You can also include navigation menus and sidebars, and if need be, even data table.

Prime NG

Prime NG has a rich collection of UI components for Angular JS. It is a repository of over 70 UI components that are easy to use and deploy. The best part is they are all open source and are free to use. Prime NG is more focused on mobile user experience and this focus has resulted in the library producing a lot of touch responsive design elements.

The components include auto complete, calendar, key filter, and editor. You can also include data components like grid, list, table, and tree. You can also add advance components like gallery, drag-and-drop, progress bar and captcha.

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