There have been instances when a particular technology has evolved so much that people have forgotten that it is an offshoot. Today, the offspring technology has resulted in a lot of new frameworks and technology is being born. If there can be one technology that can be given this credit, it has to be Angular JS. Angular JS has resulted in a flurry of frameworks being created with it being the base.

What makes Angular JS special?

Angular JS helps in creating engaging single page application. It is a powerful Application that runs on the client side. The best part about ability is that it can seamlessly integrate with HTML and CSS. It can run HTML and CSS as script tag.

Angular JS was created by Google and it is open source. It is backed up by a dedicated community that constantly strives to develop and enhance the framework.

It is not surprising that such a robust framework has given rise to a lot of other frameworks with Angular JS being the base.

We have compiled below, a list of Angular JS frameworks that have gained immense popularity over the ages.


Ionic elevates the utility and awesomeness of Angular JS to a different level. It is optimised for creating robust front and frameworks and mobile applications. The framework support the deployment of CSS3 and HTML powered applications, so it can result in a protective user interface.


This is the front and framework based on google material design. It allows developers to build user interfaces in accordance with the guidelines offered by Google. The framework relies on Angular JS to support web application development by going along with the MVC design pattern. To elevate the experience, it also uses J query to enhance the performance.

Mobile Angular JS

Needless to say, it is one of the most broadly used frameworks for developing HTML5 mobile applications. It is optimised for bootstrap and it provides comprehensive support to a vast repository of libraries and JavaScript types. It also includes a lot of interesting user interface elements like overlay, sidebar, scroll, and switches.

UI Bootstrap

This framework enables developers use repository dependents components like bootstrap CSS, Angular JS and angular animate. They can also be supported by an external mark up. You can also use a lot of directives like alert, buttons, drop down, date and time picker and carousel.


It is one of the first hybrid user interface frameworks built on Angular JS. It has a lot of JavaScript and Web components, and a serious is that would seamlessly integrate with the framework. The framework is platform agnostic and it does a great job in simplifying HTML applications and integrating it with Angular JS.


As the name suggests, it is a perfect platform for creating HTML5 based video-based applications both for mobile and web. It has got a lot of properties, themes, plug-ins and a Q point system.


Needless to say, Angular JS has been one of the most evolved user interface creation frameworks and it is not surprising that there are so many frameworks specific to different business needs that have been born out of it. The list can only be expected to grow in the near future as new technologies like block chain and artificial intelligence start coming in to mainstream computing.

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