Before taking a deep dive it is mandatory to have a clear picture about what is front end development and what are role of a front end developer. Frontend development is also referred to as client-side development. It is the process of producing JavaScript, CSS and HTML web application. The biggest challenge for front end developers

development companies is the tools and techniques.

Needless to say technology is something that keeps evolving. Hence it is mandatory to stay updated in the field and incorporate them in the site or web application process. Planning to have a carrier is front end development? Here is the guide that might come in handy.

The Practice of Front End Development

Many have this perception that front development is all about having knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, browsers, domains, server hosting and so on. But what is more important is the deep understanding how a web platform functions. It is statistically proven fact that most of the front developers are self taught.  Rather than starting to know about abstracts like jQuery, SASS or JSX it is better start with the underlying tech such as DOM, CSS and HTML. Start to build simple web pages and later progress to the complicated ones.

Front End Job Titles

On a larger scale front end developers can be classified into two types. The first are the ones who are majorly focused on JavaScripts with considerable experience in software development. They normally see CSS and HTML as abstractions. The other set of front end developers are the ones who majorly deal with user interface with the major focus on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Even though these are the major and evident classifications, there are few job titles that command a specific mention.  

CSS/HTML Developer/ Engineer

When the job title includes User Interface or UI, it denotes that that person should possess interaction design skills to make the site or app more interactive. In addition to the coding skills is also required.

Front-End Web Designer

When the term “Designer” is part of the job title description that person is required to have front-end skills in regard to HTML/CSS and also designing skills.

Mobile/Tab Front End Developer

This role is very much confined to the front end development for mobiles and tablets. They will have to posses knowledge and skill for developing front-ends that run on mobile or tablet.

Front-End SEO Expert

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. As the job title holds SEO in its title the job involves incorporating strategies to have better ranking and visibility in the SERPs.

Baseline Web Technologies

The three baseline web technologies include HTML, CSS and JS.

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML is a common markup language used to develop web pages. In HTML the structure of the website is a semantically described. As there are cues for presentations it is considered to be a markup language and not a programming language.

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets aka CSS major use is to describe the look of the document and to format the written text of the markup language. CSS has the potential to be used in all kinds of XML document. Predominantly CSS is sued to change the style of the web pages. Just like HTML and JavaScript,  CSS is also a cornerstone tech that is used to develop attractive and engaging WebPages and user interface by many front end development companies.

JS –JavaScript

JavaScript is a high level programming language that has a lot of popularity among the front end developers.  It plays a very important in content production of World Wide Web along with HTML and CSS. Almost all the web browsers support the JS without plug-ins. It is a multi-paradigm labguage with functional programming styles. To work with text, arrays, dates and regular expressions JS has a API.

Potential Front End Developer Skills

A front end developer is required to have a clear understanding of HTML, CSS DOM, JavaScript and web browsers. If at all a front developer wants to up his skills, some of the other skill that might be useful include Content Management Systems,  Node.js, cross platform testing, search engine optimization and a lot more.

Front End Development Team

It is well known fact that front end development cannot be carries out by a single person as there is considerable number of processes involved. In very rare instance one might be skilled in everything, but the time will be a huge hurdle to cross. A front developer is just a small element in the team. Other than coders some of the other experts that are involved in any front end development process include SEO analyst, SEO strategist, DevOps Engineers, QA engineers, testers and so on.

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer is bug that has bitten many youngsters who looking for carries in front end development. Statically speaking almost 38% people are looking for a carrier as a full stack developer. The sound of it might feel a lot appealing. But the to be a full stack developer in the front end development process requires a lot of skills in every process involved in front end development. There used to be a time when hiring a full stack front end developer was a difficult process. Ever since JS penetrated into most of technology JS developers who are capable of handling both front end development and back-end process is becoming quiet common.  

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