From the year 2012 when Angular JS was introduced by Google, there has been no turning back. The open source software has positioned itself as the most preferred when in front end development. The elements that it offers helps in creating a flawless client-server and also run web applications.

Off late Angular JS has been becoming dominant when it comes to front end development especially for single page applications. It brings in lot of configuration options to client-side programming. The users will be able to some of its advanced attributes as it incorporates HTML.

Here are some of the best Angular JS frameworks


Iconic is a specially optimized framework for Angular JS that is dedicated for building web based mobile application development. This is a very advanced framework when compared to most that supports CSS3 deployment and applications that are powered by HTML. The culmination of all of these helps to render a powerful user interface. The Software Development Kit of Iconic definitely deserves a very special mention. One of the notable aspects is some UI library components that help to design highly interactive UI.


LumX is totally based on Google Material Design. It is said to be the most flexible framework in front end development. LumX is entirely dependent of angular js for supporting front end development of web applications that are based on MVC pattern. For performance enhancement it depends is jQuery. It is not mandatory for users to opt for jQuery plugins. For front end development SAAS is used. Bourbon and Neat definitely need to be mentioned as they provide customization for smooth functionality.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is one of the predominantly used UI for developing HTML 5 mobile applications. It is well known for its comprehensive support for many great libraries and is perfectly optimized for Bootstrap and Angular JS.  Mobile Angular UI offers some of the most essential components such as switches, scrollable areas, overlays and more. As the name states it is one of the most preferred for developing interactive user interface for web based applications.

Angular material

One of the important aspects of Angular Material is that it is inspired by Google Material Design. Angular Material offers a total of 30 UI components. These components aid in building consistent, interactive and user friendly web pages and web applications. It supports the latest parameters like device independence, graceful degradation, and web browser portability. With some useful features like natural button elements that includes ARIA support, built-in link, themes and a lot more.

UI Bootstrap

UI Bootstrap has been gaining considerable popularity when it comes to front end development. The users have the facility to use components like Bootstrap CSS, Angular JS, Angular-touch, and Angular- animate which are respiratory dependant. They also have external markup. It is the practice of web developers to use markup as a template. The developers first change the external markup and then proceed with creating customized templates according to the requirement. Every directive has a separate Angular JS module. There are numerous options for directives which include but limited to drop down, carousel, buttons and time picker.


Supersonic is one of the very first UI hybrid frameworks. It includes web components, JavaScript and CSS which can be used with popular frameworks. It is integrated with Angular JS and is very helpful in simplifying HTML apps. One of the standout features of Supersonic is that it works with AppGyver. It is to be noted that the majority of the API will not work with Vanilla Cordova App. It provides opportunity for the user to write CSS components with HTML. It also allows to use web components to access native APIs.


If you are up for developing a video based web or mobile app, Videogular would be the ideal choice. Some of the important features include cue point system, themes, bendable properties and plugins. Even though it is not a very common framework that you will come across, it has its own set of special areas where it can be applied.


It is very evident that the part that the Angular JS is playing in front end development is increasing day by day. The availability of different frameworks poses the opportunity for front end developers to select one according to the client needs. Since the frameworks are suitable for both web applications and smart phones there is wide possibility for its use. An in-depth knowledge about Angular JS and its frameworks will definitely help in various aspects of front end development.

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