The year 2009 witnessed something exceptional in the field of technology. It was the year when Angular JS – the tech giant Google’s brainchild was born. It is just a decade now and it is said that nearly 876 million websites developed with AngularJS. It would not be an understatement to say that it created a stir in the market. “Solid” is the right word to describe AngularJS. The Java Script from Google has simplified the process of front-end development. The numerous options that we have when it comes to framework and plugins are something that deserves a very special mention. It is really hard to find reasons why not to use AngularJS. On the other hand, it is easy to state why opting for Angular JS is better in every aspect. Here are a few.

Google Support

Any product from Google is bound to be exceptional. Angular JS is not an exception in this regard. The community is highly skilled and it is also possible to get assistance from some of the brightest brains of the industry. Whatever might be doubt/query you will be assisted by highly skilled and enthusiastic engineers. One of the important things that you need to know is that Angular JS is not Google’s first attempt at JavaScript.

Simple MVC Architecture

One of the reasons why the web applications developed in AngularJS is interactive and robust is because of the MVC structure that it uses. To implement MVC all you need to do is just split the application and rest will be taken care of by AngularJS. MVC means Model View Controller. It acts as a bridge to establish a connection between the model and the View. For displaying data view is accountable and data is maintained by the model.

The Community

The community of engineers from Google who are maintaining AngularJS holds a very important place. The community is a mix of people that consists of the core team that is responsible for the development and also the people who fix the bugs and make improvements. It is a well-known fact that conferences dedicated to Angular JS are held worldwide and it is discussed in events like Hackathon.

Declarative Code Style

In the AngularJS declarative paradigm is used to create patterns. This particular style of code makes it a bit light and easy to read. Hence it is not necessary to keep describing from step one.

Two Way Data Binding

Two-way data binding in Angular JS is one of the most spectacular aspects. If any changes are made in the UI it immediately reflects application objects and vice versa. If the framework senses any changes in the module, browser events or user action on the page the necessary patterns are immediately updated. It is not necessary for the links to be stored in the DOM elements and manipulate them directly.

Directives Use

Angular JS as a pattern language uses HTML. It is expanded with directives which add the code information about the behavior. The directive paves ways to focus on the logic which increases productivity. It can be reused to improve code readability.


POJO – Plain Old JavaScript Object. In Angular JS every object is POJO. It means there is no necessity for you to get any setter and getter functions. For object manipulation POJO provides all the required JavaScript functions. It is also possible to add or remove any object based on your requirements.

SPA – Oriented Features

Togetherness is the word to describe Angular and SPAs. It provides forms of validation capabilities. If forms are used by any page Form Controller records their states. With the data that is available any changes can be made HTML elements. For error handling AngularJS has built-in validates. You can create you validates based on the requirements that you have.  Whether it is for the whole form or separate fields error messages can be shown.

Enterprise-Level Testing

It is a well-known fact that Angular JS does not require any supplementary frameworks. Inside AngularJS parts of applications are placed and they are easy to manipulate. Separation of modules allows you to load the required services and make the automatic testing more effective. Following one file-one module is advisable because you do not have to remember the module loading order.


One of the most important aspects of Angular JS is that it can be used for a diverse range of projects. You do not have to confine to boundaries. It is the ideal choice for enterprise web apps. Elements like navigation features, auto-completion, and advanced refactoring are a few that will come in handy. Apps with dynamic content in which the primary purpose is to build SPAs. The long list of tools can be used for the development. Progressive Web Apps which is comparatively new was introduced by Google in 2015 is also very much based on Angular JS.


We are absolutely sure that the above-mentioned points are more than enough to opt for Angular JS compared to any other development platform. If there are still some second thoughts some of the products that are developed from AngularJS include PayPal, iStock, Youtube, Netflix, and a lot more.

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