Ask any front end development company and they will talk about the goodness of the various manifestations of JavaScript. AngularJS is one among the many! AngularJS is one of the most dynamic and robust inclusions in the world of ever-increasing JavaScripts. AngularJS can be considered a bliss when it comes to designing robust applications both for web and mobile. What makes AngularJS special is its capacity to accommodate single-page applications.

Single-page applications or SPA as they are commonly called, are applications that do not load more than just a single page. These SPAs introduce a lot of flexibility and instructiveness for the user, making it an amazing way to communicate the value of your brand. It is the common point between been minimal and being aesthetic.

What makes SPAs special?

It is quite evident from the above paragraphs that SPAs are the order of the day. It is both static and dynamic. It means that a part of the interface will be loaded by default and the rest of the contents will be dynamically generated based on the ways in which a user interacts with the application.

In this way, SPAs eliminate the need for pages to be reloaded every time there is an interaction involved. This also means that single-page applications can accommodate linked interactive information within that single page.

What makes it possible for SPA?

After the entire page loads, the interchange of information happens through asynchronous JavaScript across XML, commonly abbreviated as Ajax. This Ajax returns data every time there is an interaction with the application in JSON format as opposed to the markup return that happens in classical front-end platforms like HTML and CSS. All the interaction on a SPA happens on the client-side through CSS. The server only acts as a support system or a service layer.

The advantages brought about by AngularJS

AngularJS remove the rigid interdependency between the server and the client. You can entirely replace either the front end or the backend without altering the API and the user will not feel any difference in the way they interact with your application. This makes it the perfect platform for you to create web and mobile applications that have a striking visual similarity which might be very handy if you would like to impose a brand image and language.

Advantages brought about by AngularJS transcend beyond SPAs. They bring a plethora of advantages that make it relevant in today’s world of minimally communicative information and multiple avenues of marketing. AngularJS also provides the flexibility of unit testing. This means that every module can be independently tested without breaking the functionality of the entire application. The dependency injection provided by AngularJS facilitates separation of concern. AngularJS applications can run flawlessly on any platform including but not limited to the web, Android and iOS.

Applications that run on AngularJS

It might not be an exaggeration to say that some of the most common applications that we take for granted in today’s world of entertainment and utility run on AngularJS. Some of them include Netflix, Lego, The Guardian, and even Elon Musk creations like PayPal.

It is interesting to note that AngularJS has been backed by technology giants like Google. The Github community also has strong support for AngularJS – a great advantage brought about by anything that is open source. It might not be surprising that a lot of entrepreneurs who would like to create their business from multiple channels like referrals and social media resort to creating single-page apps on AngularJS.


There might not be a better temporal juncture for you to create your apps using technology like AngularJS. The growing fad of minimalism has catalyzed the growth of single-page applications. The popularity of Ajax and the need to get your app properly vendor in multiple screen sizes has been a factor that contributed to the growth of single-page applications. There is no better technology than AngularJS to work on SPAs.

There are a lot of front end development companies that specialize in developing your UI using robust technologies like AngularJS. You can get in touch with their development team to brainstorm your app idea and create an interactive and intuitive interface using AngularJS.

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